Last year God showed me a vision of leaders in the body of Christ coming together for a weekend. It was then that I reached out to my pastor and some other pastors sharing my vision with them. From there, The Refreshing was birth. The Refreshing is a place where Preachers and Church Leaders can be refreshed, built up, empowered, and equipped to continue doing the work we’ve been called to do.

Every day, 50 individuals across America leave the ministry. Many never return. There are many reasons for this. Burn out, lack of support, lack of structure, not having the proper tools for ministry, the list goes on and on. However, we want to deposit into you so you may be fully equipped to fulfill your assignment and not be frustrated doing it.

Join us for The Refreshing Experience in October. Connect with us on Facebook,  join in our prayer calls, and be a part of our workshops. We are in this together. Let’s united, and push each other to greatness.